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Over 10 years of experienc e teaching ecological and sustainable courses, workshops and lectures.

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Permaculture Teacher

Do you have a call to share your knowledge with others? Our advanced permaculture teacher training course will build on top of the PDC and provide you with the confidence to gracefully speak in front of a group of any size.

We know that many people suffer from stage fright, and we'd like to build your ability to feel at ease explaining ideas in front of others.

At the end of this course, you will be able to comfortably discuss the principles and ethics of permaculture and know how to combine it with real world and personal examples so that your students will want to keep taking more classes with you.

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Permaculture Designer

Have you started implementing the observations you've gained from your PDC training and want to do this professionally for others?
Our advanced designer training will give you the tools you need so you can start taking on design clients. There are shortcuts we've gained from our projects from backyard gardens to 100 acre industrial farms. The secret is coming up with a set of processes that assist you from reading the land to supporting the needs of your client.
Pre-registration is risk-free, and can be used to even further your design skills for your own projects.
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Evening and Weekend Courses


Humans have evolved within close proximity to nature and natural systems, something that our modern homes and work spaces are lacking. Join our pre-registration list if you'd like to attend a workshop that will teach you how to set-up and redesign your environment to boost your immunity, improve productivity and even your concentration.

Now that's something, even your boss may want to hear about!


If you're new ecological farming, organic gardening and permaculture and want to get an introduction before embarking on a full permaculture design certificate, taking our fundamentals course will sort you out. We cover the principles and ethics of permaculture and how the design method works so that you have a solid basis to see if this field is for you.
Another bonus, if you take our fundamentals course you will be able eligible for a reduced price when you decide to join our full PDC.


One of our most popular workshops, and for good reason what would we do without clean drinking water? With municipal drinking water questionable at best, we will teach you how to set-up your own water filtration system. We will also armour you with all the knowledge you'll need in case of an emergency.