Design, Consultation & Implementation Services

From backyard gardens to 100 acre farms

Small Scale Projects

Let us help you bring your dream garden to life

We've been working with families and homesteaders in urban and suburban environments . There is so much untapped potential to create tailored solutions for backyards, balconies and interior spaces. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need acres of land to:  

  • Produce and harvest your own food

  • Provide food and habitat for pollinators like birds, bees and butterflies

  • Compost solutions for your size of property

  • Build fertile soil

  • Plant selection for optimal yields

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 Video Consultation

Now offering 1-hour video conference calls for clients who need immediate and personalized assistance.

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Medium & Large Scale Projects

With past experience transforming traditional farmland into regenerative and diverse food systems we can create designs for any scale of project.

From small organic farms to large scale industrial farms, we can assist with:

  • Crop health monitoring

  • Site evaluation

  • Prevention and remediation for drought, erosion and flood management

  • Pond design

  • Food forest design

  • Soil fertility

  • Food and energy security

 We love working with cooperatives and community projects, so please let us know about the vision of your projects and we can connect you with our community.

Do you need a detailed design?

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Aerial Photography & Drone Mapping

Drone mapping services allows us to survey your property from initial observation to follow-up after implementation.

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Need an aerial view of your property 

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Design Process


Every context and client is unique, so we follow these stages to ensure that we capture all the necessary information before embarking on an actionable plan.

  1. Table Talk - 30 minutes to 1 hour of independent observation of the land by the designer, site walk through with the client, followed by  propositions of potential design options.

  2. Concept Plan - basic analysis of the major factors impacting the property and client needs. The deliverable from this stage is a concept plan for the site, (including map of potential placement of design elements and a priority task list for moving forward). Please note this stage is not actionable, but to explore the options that we could pursue.

  3. Client Review - After reviewing the concept plan and approving of the selection and placement of design elements, we will move forward onto a more detailed plan.

  4. Detailed Design - In-depth analysis and integration of elements needed to achieve a functioning holistic system. This plan be done for the whole site or for specific areas, e.g. food forest, garden area, greenhouse etc.

  5. Implementation Phase - Our team can help bring the design to life.