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Permaculture Consultation and Design

  1. -Homesteading Reliance

  2. -Food security

  3. -Energy Efficiency

  4. -Environmental and Habitat Protection

  5. -Economic Living Production

Ecological Consultation

  1. -Residential Energy Efficiency

  2. -Self Sufficiency

  3. -Biodiversity Protection

  4. -Habitat Construction

Services & Rates

Conversation Consultation

Site visit consisting of a casual consultation with no formal writ-up

$60/hr* plus travel** (Minimum 2 hours)


  1. -Ideas

  2. -Site Resources

  3. -Site Problems

  4. -Basic Recommendations

Basic Concept Plan

$60/hr* plus travel** (Minimum 8 hours)


  1. -Site visit

  2. -Concept report

  3. -attached resources

  4. -Free Email Q&A

Site Design

$60/hr* plus travel** and materials (Minimum 12 hours)


  1. -Site visit

  2. -Concept report

  3. -Full Site Design

  4. -Phased Implementation Plan

  5. -attached resources

  6. -Free Email Q&A

Design Implementation

$25/hr* plus travel** and materials

$15/hr* for added staff


  1. -Site visit

  2. -Free Email Q&A

Preliminary Concept Plan

Site Survey and Brief Write-up

  1. -8 hours minimum - $400 - $800* (depending on site)


  1. -Site visit

  2. -Concept report

  3. -attached resources

  4. -Free Email Q&A

Preliminary Concept Plan & Comprehensive Sight Design

Site Survey, Basic Assessment, and Schematics  with semi-annual followup

  1. - 12 to 24 hours - $800- $1500* (depending on site)


  1. -Site visit

  2. -Concept report

  3. -attached resources

  4. -Free Email Q&A

  1. *Rates vary depending on Knowledge of Permaculture systems and will reflect level of dependence for maintenance of design implementation.

  2. *Rates are negotiable based on your particular needs and circumstances. 

  3. ** Travel is negotiated depending on our location at time of request.

Email Us for more details : Consultation(at)

We offer a variety of services such as Site Evaluation, Pre Purchase Consultation, Site Consultation and Full Site Design

Permaculture in less than 3 Minutes

Are you buying a Home or Land?

Try our Pre purchase consultation to see if the site has what you need for your dream!

Pre Purchase Consultation


  1. -Site visit

  2. -Site Potential report

  3. -Free Email Q&A


Introduction to Permaculture

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