At P3 Permaculture, we are continuing to offer our workshops and courses and respecting all COVID-19 regulations in open air classrooms and outdoors .


Have you ever felt like you're missing some of the skills to take care of your basic needs?

At a time when traditional education systems have failed to teach us how to survive in a world where the parameters are always changing; we take your hand and show you the simple tools and methods to provide a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

Our students are enabled to set-up their own balcony gardens, self-sufficient planters and how to use and work with plants in everyday life. With ten years of experience of teaching workshops. conferences and guest lecturing at schools and companies around Canada, we know how to engage with our students so they feel confident when they leave our workshops to implement what they've learned. 

We use language and references that you will understand and relate to, so that you can see the connections between our actions and the environment around us. Many people believe that if they don't have land or their own property they can't be self-sufficient. We would like to show you how  untrue  that really is!

When working with small spaces and limited resources, your best strategy is...

  • To move UP and build vertically

  • Maximize all the  corners

  • Set-up odourless composting systems, (yes that can fit inside your apartment or balcony)

  • To understand all the ways to provide your needs from recycled or affordable sources

  • To make the most of your current systems, e.g. at-home water filtration

By attending any of our workshops, you will become:

  • More independent and ready to take charge 

  • Empowered to satisfy your own needs

  • Familiar with the knowledge of our ancestors

  • Aware of the latest scientific research and case studies that are proven to work

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Join us to create a more positive future for us all