Permaculture Design Fundamentals

How to Transform your Backyard or Balcony into a Thriving Permaculture Garden  
Even if you've Never Planted a Seedling


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Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who wants to see their outside space; be it garden, balcony or farm, transformed into a resilient ecosystem that nourishes the abundance that nature has to offer. This sounds like a dream but it will turn into a reality if you have the determination, the tools and the techniques to bring it to life. If you're willing to treat gardening as an experiment that involves trial and error and constant adaptation and improvement, then you're ready to join us to develop a new mindset and to learn the framework of a permaculture design.

What Will You Get Out Of This Course?

Develop a strategy that works in YOUR specific situation

We've applied the design framework that we'll teach you in over 9 countries. The core principles that you'll learn are applicable to all contexts and climates, but we'll focus on how to develop the strategies that best fit your needs. By the end of the course, you'll know what are the key elements and how to implement them to successfully transform your backyard, balcony or farm into a thriving ecosystem.

Learn a structured step-by-step process and feel in control

We designed this course as a step-by-step process so that even someone who has no experience in gardening would be equipped to transform their outdoor space. You'll be able to design your garden from A to Z. Together, we'll help you visualize your current situation and how to identify your key assets and opportunities. From there we'll cover the strategies for selecting the best plants for the soil conditions for your garden. Space is always an issue, so we'll also cover how to maximize yours to obtain the most sustainable yield. Not only that, but you'll learn how to avoid pest problems and build natural fertility in a completely ecological way.

Learn hands-on skills and techniques to apply immediately

Once you understand the basic parameters of ecological gardening; we'll show you the building blocks of how to get to done, with specific tools and techniques that you can expand upon long after the end of the course. This is the fun part where you'll see everything come together as you set-up your own compost or vermicompost, lasagna garden beds and more. By working with natural cycles and systems you'll be able to manage your own water and have control over problems like pests.

Save time and money by avoiding the mistakes that we've made ourselves

Graham has more than 10 years of experience transforming 100 acre farms, as well as small balconies into beyond sustainable ecosystems. Over this period, he's learned a lot from his mistakes, and he'll teach you what to avoid and make sure you move faster towards achieving your goals.

Stop putting out fires in your garden by addressing the root cause of the problem

Stop running behind problems and applying bandages on issues like pests, too much or too little water or compacted and infertile soil. This can be avoided by learning the ecosystem of your garden and how the different elements interact with each other. Only by taking a step back from the situation, can you understand the underlying problems in your garden and know what solutions need to be applied. No more guesswork!


Geoff Lawton

World Renown Permaculture Teacher and Designer

Graham is one of those exceptional students you remember because you know they are going to go a long way, and this has proven to be the case.

I can confidently recommend his work as quite a remarkable permaculture teacher, designer, consultant and practitioner.

Leticia Trandafir

Music Director at Never Apart

Graham is a passionate, hard-working, incredibly knowledgeable permaculture designer. He can take on any scale of project. He is also a terrific public speaker, and also knows how to dynamically interact with children of all ages for workshops and educational presentations.

David Cameron

Project Coordinator at South Shore Ventures Co-op Ldt

Graham knows his subject and is expert at delivering course contents to individuals within a very wide range of ages, backgrounds, and learning abilities. As a former teacher, I am impressed with the amount and depth of material Graham is able to deliver in a day.

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Here is a taste of what you're getting:

  • Observe like a permaculturalist: define a clear picture of your current situation, assets, challenges and opportunities

  • Acquire a toolkit to implement your ecological garden

    • Soil building techniques

    • Optimizing space

    • Composting

    • Natural pest management

    • Natural fertility

    • Passive irrigation system

    • Optimal plant selection

    • Prolonging the season

  • Understanding the key parameters to build an ecological garden

    • Managing and conserving water

    • Creating and maintaining  healthy soil

    • Creating diversity and resilience in the garden

You will also be getting these BONUSES when you join today:

  • Creating and using maps for your property

  • The process to improve your garden over time

  • Introduction to Humanure and Biogas

  • 60 minute live webinar with your teacher Graham Calder ($100.00 value included)

  • 7 PDF guides to guide your learning with step-by-step exercises and to bring your permaculture designs skills to the next level, ($105.00 value included)

    • Conducting Active Observation

    • Functional Analysis

    • Defining the Root Cause of a Problem

    • Defining the Permaculture Zones

    • Conducting a Sector Analysis

    • Conducting the Designer's Priority

    • Applying a SWOT analysis

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