The Keys to Permaculture Design Webinar

Episode #2: What we have learned from our mistakes?


We want to pull back the curtain and let you know that even as professional designers and teachers, we made plenty of mistakes along the way that made us who we are today. Though there are many online gurus who like to put themselves on a pedestal, we believe that trial and error is an important part of what makes us more resilient and ready to take on the many changes we face.

Learning from your mistakes should be an integral part of your permaculture journey and we'll make sure you understand how to take advantage of that.

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Episode #3: Taking the First Step!

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Episode #1: What is special about permaculture?


A lot of people think that permaculture is just lazy gardening, or that it's only for gardeners. Though it has a close association with agriculture and gardening in general, it is a design science. The applications include any endeavour that requires problem solving.

We'd like to explain why we started P3 Permaculture and how permaculture design has impacted all our actions as both a business and as individuals.