Ancestral Survival Skills: Shelter Water Fire Food

Join us for this 2 day Fully hands-on field training

Registration for Survival Skills: Shelter Water Fire Food
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Shelter, Water, Fire and Food are the 4 things a person needs to live or survive.

In this 2-day course we will look at how to meet these needs as our ancestors once did before modern means. This interactive workshop will be hands-on and require all students to participate in the activities. Please note that the Shelter - Food day will be a physically strenuous day as we will build a survival shelter together from natural materials and prepare a meal using the steam pit method.

Day 1: Shelter and Food June 25th 9am to 5:30pm

·         Staying warm in a survival situation

·         5 ways to build a bush shelter

·         We will apply these techniques and build a            shelter that you have the option to stay in            overnight

·         5 different methods of cooking food

·         We will cook a meal using the steam pit                  method as a group and all enjoy this meal            together at the end of the day around the              fire.

·         How to make cordage – materials and                    technique

Day 2: Water – Fire June 26th 9am to 5:30pm

·         How to build and maintain a fire

·         Methods of starting fire including Bow                    drill, hand drill and flint and steel

·         Other ways to have fire to work for you

·         The importance of water

·         Different ways to get drinkable water

·         Different ways to make drinkable water

·         Introduction to making stone tools


How much does the workshop cost? 

Where will the workshop be held? 95 Chemin Colbert, Wakefield, QC J0X 3G0

Is there parking available? Yes, the driveway on the land allows for multiple parking spaces, but we recommend that you carpool whenever possible.

Is the event and location wheelchair accessible ? Unfortunately, the location and event require mobility and active participation, but feel free to reach out to us for specific details or questions regarding this matter

Is there accommodation available? It will be possible to camp at the site, but you must bring your own equipment and remain very courteous to the land and its stewards.

Will the Workshop be kid friendly? Anyone under 18 (15-17), would require parental consent and sign a no-liability contract. If Parents have no access to babysitters and want to bring their young children, they will definitely be a distraction, but they can be there.  However, please note that parents or guardians must be fully and completely responsible for their children and be considerate of other attendees at the event. 

Will there be food at this event? We expect everyone to prepare their own meals, and the meal made together in the steam pit, will be shared pot-luck style

Your Teachers

Linda Delormier:

Tionhnhi:io – Linda is a teacher, healer, facilitator, and avid lover of all things outdoors. She is from the snipe clan of the Kanien’keha:ka Nation in Kahnawa:ke, Qc. Her company, Tionhnhi:io, is committed to building and strengthening community through healing work and community engagement. She has extensive experience working in Kahnawa:ke, as well as other indigenous groups from around the world. Over the years, Linda has worked and trained with a number of traditional medicine people.  She has attended Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School and is a current tracking student of Bill Marple.  Linda is also a teacher at the wildernessFusion Healing School in North Carolina and shares a healing practice with Adam Wolfe.

Adam Wolfe:  

Tionhnhi:io – Adam is a teacher, healer, musician, wood carver, and outdoorsman. He has an extensive background and years of experience in the outdoors and ancestral skills. His education includes three years at Earthwalk Northwest; completing their Primitive Skills, Ethnobotany, Path of the Hunter, and Teacher’s Apprenticeship Programs. He is a certified Family Herbalist from Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing, a tracking apprentice of Bill Marple and has attended Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School. Adam is also a teacher at the wildernessFusion Healing School in North Carolina and shares a healing practice with Linda Delormier.

Graham Calder:  

Founder & Lead Designer P3 Permaculture

    Graham has more than 13 years experiencing teaching permaculture and ecological design. In 2009, he finished his BA in Environmental and Ecology Studies at Concordia University, (Montreal, Qc). Dissatisfied with the traditional environmentalist approach and its ability to meet the challenges of our time, he turned to permaculture. In the same year he obtained his Permaculture Design Certificate, (PDC) from Jesse Lemieux at Pacific Permaculture. Afterwards, he  became an apprentice of one of the great names in the field, Geoff Lawton, at the Permaculture Institute of Australia, (PRI).     

    He founded P3 Permaculture in October of 2009 and has ever since been teaching and consulting with the goal of making it accessible to everyone. To date, Graham has certified over 375 students in permaculture design and has offered design services in more than 9 countries around the world; from urban gardens in Montreal, to the 7000 Hectares in the deserts of Gansu in China, and the tropical rain forests of Costa Rice and Cameroon. 

He is dedicated to creating new courses and projects that will inspire and facilitate the transition to regenerative solutions for our society.

Date & Time
June 25, 2022
Start - 9:00 AM
June 26, 2022
End - 5:30 PM America/Montreal

Ferme Lanthorn

95 Chemin Colbert
Wakefield QC J0x3g0
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