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Permaculture Design Certification

@Canarie Farm

Antigonish, Nova Scotia    

72 hour intensive course: July 27th . August 11th 2013

Advanced Week (optional): 13th . July 17th 2013

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$500 (optional)

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  1. 372 old Pinevale rd, Antigonish Co., Nova Scotia, Canada

{ 45min east of New Glasgow }

{ 1h30min northeast of Halifax }


Join us for this world recognized Permaculture Design Certification (PDC). We are transforming a 75 acre rural homestead into a Permaculture Institute. Our focus is on creating jobs, demonstrating sustainable Community Development & accessible learning opportunities. 

In this course we will plant edible forest gardens, grow medicinal & edible mushrooms, build with cob & other natural materials, recreate biodiversity habitat, learn how to make an income with small agro-enterprise initiatives and much more.

The course facilitated by Graham Calder is a broad curriculum demonstrating the principles, patterns & practices of permaculture design.  It utilizes a variety of perspectives from local self sufficiency to international aid. The course is forged to give a foundation for restoring, rebuilding and reconnecting human ecosystems with a focus on Food Systems.

It is a solutions-based design science founded in observation of natural systems. The goal is to create self abundant, Self sufficient systems for Food, Education, and social community development.

What  is  Permaculture?

Learn how to:

  1.    Establish natural crop fertility

  2.    Develop ecological food production

  3.    Build soil & soil fertility

  4.    Design water catchment

  5.    Design sustainable settlements

  6.    Strengthen local economies

Learn about:

  1.    Edible forest design

  2.    Passive solar living

  3.    Auto fertile and no dig gardening

  4.    Earthworks and soil repair

  5.    Alternative energy production

  6.    Aquaculture, aquaponics

Enjoy fresh local ethical vegetarian meals every day!

Learn with Hands on workshops & Projects!

Create your life vision with our regular goal coaching sessions

Awaken your body & mind with our daily Yoga Practice

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For a Video description of our PDC & more information visit our site online

Specifically we will focus on energy systems, water security, food systems, social economies.  Using the Principles of nature to design solutions to our greatest challenges.  This course will be following these topics laid out by Bill Mollison in his book Permaculture: A Designers Manual.

During this course, we will observe & mimic the natural principles that drive ecological systems to be self-sustaining.  We will learn how to integrate these principles in the design of our gardens, homes, and communities at large.

Contact Info  .  P3 Permaculture  .  Graham Calder  .

Canarie Farm

Our Burgeoning Permaculture   Institute is in its initial phases of development, Breaking ground in 2011, the seeds of the site have now been sown.

Our Mission is to establish a permaculture demonstration and education hub for Eastern Canada. Providing jobs, learning & volunteering opportunities as well as internships & apprenticeships for eager individuals.

This site will act as a base for developing a sustainable & abundant design strategy for the Temperate and maritime climate zones. While providing an ecosystem of enterprises  functioning in coexistence to form the workings of this institute.

This is a 75 acre site that has never had pesticides or other chemicals on the land. We will be planting food forests , expanding the swales, building with cob, in 2013.

Graham Calder

Brought up on 75 acres of subsistence farm. Graham was in the garden before he could walk. With a Ba in Human Environment, minor in ecology from Concordia University, he completed his PDC with Pacific Permaculture.

After founding his social enterprise in 2009, P3 Permaculture, he then received an apprenticeship with Geoff Lawton at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.  It was there that he took his specific PDC Teacher Training Certification and an Earthworks certification.

He now seeks to enhance the application of the people care ethic within his courses.  This is done through sponsoring local farmers and supporting community groups, offering yoga and goal coaching to design your life. 

Marie Claire Gagnier

Introduced in 2007 with a soothing hatha yoga class, Marie Claire’s life took a passionate turn. Since then, her eclectic practice blossoms through exploring bliss and stillness, while her teaching blends simplicity and ease. She fuses elements of vinyasa, power, and restorative yoga, along with basic pranayama and meditation.

She recently discovered Permaculture and completed her PDC in Nova Scotia in 2011. Inspired by the healing powers of laughter and Mother Earth, her approach to life emphasizes healthy relationships with ourselves, others and our land. She now integrates yoga, goal coaching, and children’s animation, and eco-retreats with permaculture.


Yoga & goal coaching classes will be held during the course & are not part of the PDC curriculum.  Thus attendance is completely optional, & for the benefit of those interested in order to nurture the development of the self. We do not teach spirituality in our permaculture courses, only the 14 Chapters of the Permaculture Designers Manual.  We will not discuss belief systems nor will we try to impose any belief we have onto others.

Contact Info  .  .  Graham Calder  .

Transport to Canarie Farm

To get to Canarie Farm there are several methods that work.  You can take the Train to truro Nova Scotia, and then take the bus from there to Antigonish. Once in Antigonish we can schedule a pickup. Please call to confirm your arrival time.

Or you could Fly into Halifax and take the Bus to Antigonish. Once in Antigonish we can schedule a pickup. Please call to confirm your arrival time.



Class Schedule

Section 1: Fundamentals of Permaculture

Day 1: Introduction, Ethics, Principles

Day 2: Concepts Methods & themes in design

Day 3: Observation of systems & Pattern recognition

Section 2: Ecosystems understanding

Day 4: Climates & Micro climates

Day 5: Water Systems

Day 6: Trees and their energy transactions

Day 7: Soil Systems

Special topic

Day 8: Earthworks & Earth resources

Section 3: Specific Climate Understanding

Day 9: Humid Cool Climates

Day 10: Humid Tropics

Day 11: Drylands

Special topic

Day 12: Aquaculture, Aquaponics & Mariculture

Special topic

Day 13: Alternative Strategies for a Global Nation